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Iowa’s cost of living is lower than the national median. Residents are turning to payday loans in Iowa to help pay their bills and keep their heads above water.

Here are some facts about Iowa borrowing.

What’s’s uniqueness?

We want to improve the reputation of cash advances, payday loans, and other short-term loan products. Loans in Iowa have a poor reputation because financially poor individuals often use them.

You can feel confident that will help you make the right financial decision about getting loans.

Payday loans: Why are people using them

People in extreme debt should not use payday loans; a lender may be an option if you cannot borrow the money for your next paycheck.

A payday loan is a cash advance you take out on your next paycheck.

The truth about Iowa payday loans

Iowa doesn’t regulate payday loans like other states. Iowa has no guidelines for lending.

  • The maximum amount loans are approved for is 0
  • Lender term: 31 days
  • Rollovers Permitted: No
  • Finance fees & charges: All loans between $1-$100 are subject to a $15 charge. An additional $100 equals $10
  • A $100 loan is available for 14 days at $16.67 in financing fees
  • APR for a $100 loan over 14 days: 433%
  • Maximum loan amount: Two
  • Collection fee: $15 INF fee

Iowa Payday Loan Regulations

Iowa’s maximum payday loan amount is $500. Borrowers cannot consolidate or refinance current loans.

A $100 loan costs $16.67. The talk has started about lowering the maximum interest rate for Iowa payday loans. This has yet to be announced.

You are not allowed to make loans that exceed 31 days. Lenders may only make loans that last for up to 31 days. Iowa lenders need to obtain accurate information about borrowers. This information includes their name, address, and phone number.

What is the loan process?

Our website allows you to apply online for payday loans. Without risk, the application is sent over encrypted 128-bit connections to our partners.

We are proud of our easy, straightforward application process

  • Keep an excellent standing checking bank
  • Are you a Permanent Resident of the United States?
  • Are You 18 Years Old or Older
  • Minimum one month in a job
  • You can provide a working email address and a telephone number.

There is a wide range of lenders.

Iowa offers both in-person and online payday loans.

Online-only businesses like are also available. Our site offers many good features.

Gadcapiatal doesn’t lend money; we use your data to match you with direct lenders. You can submit them online, 24 hours a day and seven days

Iowa Payday Loans & Consumer Protection

Iowa is known for its permissiveness with payday loans. These laws are the norm for payday loan providers in states.

The Iowa Division of Banking monitors payday loan companies. Companies must apply for a license to be eligible to lend money to payday lenders in Iowa.

Some attempts have been made to regulate the industry better and offer greater consumer protections. Loans to military borrowers are allowed.

Iowa’s Future Loan

Payday loans are an excellent seven option for those in financial difficulty.

Joe Bolcom is a senator from Iowa who wants to increase consumer protection and make payday loans more accessible for all.

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