Direct Lender Payday Loans

Direct Payday Lender No Third-Party

With so many lenders offering loans online, it can be difficult to determine which type of loan is the best option for you. And at times, you might be tempted to believe that payday loan direct lenders do not exist. The truth of the matter is that unlike before, you can now get an online loan from direct lenders, not brokers.

Long are the days when you had to spend hours in traditional financial institutions or wait for days to have your loan approved. Forget about filling the lengthy paperwork when you need money as soon as now.

Direct payday lenders are the best option when you want quick funding without going through many processes to have your loan approved. By working with the lenders, you can get almost guaranteed approved for payday loans online starting from $1000 up to $5000. What’s more, you can get these funds in as soon as 24 hours after application. You can use the funds for any short term need with no restrictions whatsoever.

Benefits of applying for online loans from direct payday lenders?

There are many ways you can benefit by working with direct payday lenders. These include the following;

  • First and foremost, payday loans direct lenders are an unsecured form of financing. No credit check is performed before the loan is approved. 
  • Direct payday lenders have fewer formalities as compared to other types of loans. This is one of the things that contribute to their faster approval rate.
  • The application process is done online. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about driving to a physical location when you need cash for emergencies. 
  • The loans are approved in large amounts that you can borrow and get the cash within 24 hours. This, however, depends on the approval decision and application time. 
  • Direct payday lenders do not use your credit score to make an approval decision. This means that a hard credit score is not performed when you apply for payday loans direct lenders. 
  • The approved funds can help you pay for emergencies among other short term expenses before your next payday. 

Once you meet all the laid down requirements, it will be easy to get immediate approval for a bad credit payday loan. Another good reason to work with direct payday lenders is that they approve funds on the same day. That is if you avail all the necessary information and documents. The money is directly transferred to your bank account.

Payday loans application process

  • The first step is to complete an online loan application form. To increase your chances of approval, ensure that you give all the information including the documents that the lender asks of you.
  • The lender will review your application and when he is satisfied that all the details are correct, he will authorize the transfer of the funds to your bank account. This process is completed within 24 hours.
  • You can qualify for a loan of up to $5000. With this amount, you can comfortably pay for any emergencies as well as other short term expenses.
  • The loan term usually varies depending on the lender. Generally, this time is between 14 and 31 days. For most people, this is enough time for you to figure out how you can pay the loan.

Unsecured loans-no collateral requirements

When you need fast cash, the last thing you would want to hear is getting collateral to secure the loan. Provided you are permanently employed or have any other source of regular income, be sure that you can qualify for a payday loan from direct payday lenders. The only collateral you need to have is employment records.

Once approved, the funds are paid back when your next paycheck arrives. The payment duration, however, may vary from one lender to another. The amount you qualify for can also determine the loan term.

One thing you need to know is that these loans are highly regulated. On the better side, payday loans are always available at a time when you need them most. When you apply for the loan from direct payday lenders, it can only take 24 hours for the funds to be approved.

Offered by reputable lenders

Banks and credit unions operate only on weekdays. On the other hand, direct payday lenders are available every day, including weekends and bank holidays. That is not enough. You can also apply for the loan at any time when you are pressed financially. You can even wake up at 2 am and fill the online application form.

That said, there are many reasons why you should consider working with reputable online lenders and not brokers. Good news is that if you apply for a payday loan online and make payments on time, lenders will report the information to the credit bureaus. This will boost your credit score.

These are some of the reasons why online payday loans are getting popular every day. The only downside to these loans is their high rate of interest compared to other types of loans. If you do not control the amount of loans you should take you might have to consolidate your loans with a cheaper personal.

Loans with instant approval

If you are on this page, chances are that you are looking for instant funding. We ensure that our loan applications are easy and straightforward. You can, therefore, be guaranteed fast cash that can be handy if you have an emergency. Direct payday lenders (no brokers) do not consider your credit score before approving your payday loan as other lenders do. The lenders also ensure that you get instant feedback every time you apply for payday loans.

Alternatives to online payday loans

Consumers can use other methods as well to ensure that they get instant cash. One of the methods is to borrow from the people they are close to. This can be either your family member or close friend. But as much as this is also an option to help you get the funds you need, it sometimes comes with embarrassments especially when you constantly borrow. It can even go to the extent of destroying your relationship. But there are no embarrassments when applying for direct lender loans.