Privacy Policy is aware of your expectations regarding security and privacy, and we respect our privacy and security concerns. This Privacy Policy explains the methods we use to gather information and what we do with the data we collect, and the steps we take to protect your privacy and safeguard your personal data.

To ensure that our Privacy Policy is current and in line with changes to our website(s) as well as our business activities, pertinent laws, and regulations as well as advancements in the technology used. We retain the right to alter or modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Your usage of the website(s) signifies your acceptance of the latest version of our Privacy Policies.

We can make modifications to our Privacy Policy from time to point and notify you of any changes, as required by the law. If you have any questions or issues regarding this policy and your rights as a consumer under this Privacy Policy First, make contact with Customer Care via [email protected]

We have compiled this Privacy Policy into a series of questions we have answered that we believe to be of the greatest interest to customers. If you don’t find answers to any questions you have about what we collect about you, the ways we collect it as well as what happens to the data we gather, you can email us at [email protected]

What Does This Privacy Policy Cover?

This Privacy Policy describes the way we handle any personal information you give us or permit us to collect in addition to any other information we gather while you browse our websites. The Privacy Policy also applies to your personal or other information that our business partners might provide to us.

Gadcapital.comowns and manages various websites, such as being a host of other websites or domains that connect to one or more of our sites. may, at times we may add additional websites or domains to our portfolio. Even if no specific website is explicitly mentioned within this Privacy Policy, this Privacy Policy is applicable to every site owned or operated by

Please be aware that our policies and procedures only apply to websites operated and/or owned by us and do not apply to websites operated by other organizations or any other website with which we might connect or to businesses that are not related to whom we may exchange information.

What is “Personal Information”?

Personal information refers to any information that you supply to us or permit us to access that can identify you personally or is connected to you in logical ways. Examples of personal information could include your name, email address, number, and Social Security Number. Demographic information, such as age, gender, zip code, gender, and so on. Typically is not considered to be personal data.

Why Do You Need To Collect My Personal Information?

We use and collect personal information to be able to respond to your inquiries about the services and products we offer as well as those offered by the business partners we work with, in addition, to managing your relationship with us as well as any account you already have. We also gather personal and other information to keep you aware of new products and/or services that may be of interest to you.

What Personal and Other Information Do You Collect and/or Maintain?

We keep track of and store the data you give to us, including:

  • The information you give to us via forms or applications when you inquire about the product or service you want, like your earnings and accounts with other companies. The information you provide could comprise your full name, address, your phone number, and in certain instances, you may also provide your Social Security number. In accordance with the service or product you are seeking, you could be asked for additional information, including what is the current amount you owe in unsecured debt and the name of the creditors you have, details regarding your mortgage as well as other personal and financial information.
  • We collect information about the transactions you make with us including your balance on your account as well as payment history and credit use with your credit card.
  • Information, including your email address, which you give us when you sign up to receive emails from us or when you contact us via our customer service or in any other way with us.

We also gather other non-personal information. This is broadly defined as information that isn’t and can’t be directly linked to you. A good example of non-personal information is that of your ZIP code.

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