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What are car title loans and why should you consider

A lot of our clients call us when they are in difficult situations; the car breaks down in the middle of the month, there is a medical emergency, funeral expenses and many other unforeseen events. It can be tough to get over these situations if you do not have a helping hand.

At GadCapital, we will come in when you have a financial emergency. When you consider a bank loan or loans from credit unions, you should as well be prepared to wait in the queue for hours. That is not enough, it can also take days to get the application decision. Even after all these, you won’t be guaranteed loan approval. GadCapital is different though. So long as you have equity in your vehicle, it is easy to qualify for a title loan from us.

Forget about the long queues and the many hours of waiting. Check our online application form to see how easy it is to get an auto title loan. We pride ourselves in helping our customers get instant funding at a time when they need it the most. There are many reasons why you can apply for a title loan. These include;

  • You can’t qualify for a bank loan
  • You have a bad fico score
  • You have accumulated credit card debts

GadCapital is here to give you the funds you need!

Title loan funds

Do you have a pressing issue that requires fast cash but banks and other financial institutions have let you down? Are you feeling frustrated that you can’t get the financial aid you need? If this is you, then worry no more. It only takes a few minutes to fill out our title loans application.

Do not be discouraged by illegitimate lenders with hidden fee charges. We will offer a helping hand by giving you a fast and straightforward loan. Unlike traditional financial institutions, you don’t have to wait for days or even weeks for your loan to be approved. And compared to other lenders, GadCapital offers title loans based on the equity and value of your vehicle. Anyone who has equity in his or her vehicle can easily access our loans.

Our loan application process is also fast and easy. It can take as little as 15 minutes to complete the application and get the funds you need. Regardless of your payment history or credit score, you can still qualify for a title loan and continue using your vehicle!

What makes us unique is our willingness to offer you a loan even when other lenders say no. The main requirement is to ensure you have sufficient equity in your vehicle. We have been in the lending business long enough and can give you the funds you need with less hassle. If you have any questions, kindly get in touch with us via phone or email. You can also complete our fast and easy loan request form to see whether you are eligible for our title loans.

Safety and privacy guaranteed

Have you ever visited a bank before and instead of being asked how much you need or why you need the money, the first question is on your credit score?

At GadCapital, we never ask such questions. We know how desperate you can feel when you are short for cash with no other alternative. Some consumers look for online loans in the wrong places, but we would like you to have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a reputable lender in the industry.

We won’t waste your time asking questions about your financial history or whether you have some form of collateral to secure the loan. You also don’t need to have an account with us. After all, we are not a bank ourselves.

Getting title loans from GadCapital is the most convenient and safest way to ensure that cash is in your hands when you have an emergency. You also don’t have to go through thorough background checks or loads of paperwork when you need fast cash. All these processes mean that you will take weeks of trips to a bank.

GadCapital, on the other hand, treats you like family. We will not only give you an amount that you can afford to pay, but we will also educate you on how to manage your finances in the future.

Get your financial freedom back!

financial freedom back!

GadCapital offers title loans to consumers in case of emergencies. But that is not enough. We highly encourage responsible borrowing as well. This is the time where very few people have money in their savings accounts. To achieve financial freedom, you also need to be self-sufficient when it comes to investments and savings.

When you have a pressing financial issue, you can’t rely on banks and credit unions since these institutions take a longer time to approve loan applications. They also have stringent requirements for loan approvals. GadCapital is an alternative to banks and credit unions. The flexibility of our loans makes it possible for most people to qualify and we also have convenient repayment plans.

Even so, we still encourage our customers to borrow responsibly. This is because our title loans have higher interest rates compared to loans from banks and credit unions. This is what we would like our customers to consider when applying for title loans. Bearing this in mind, you won’t get trapped in debts for the rest of your life. Besides offering title loans, we also advise our customers to seek credit counselling services and come up with a plan that will help them achieve financial independence.

We will have failed you if you get trapped in a debt cycle by taking a lot of short term loans. Instead, we would love it if your title loans help you achieve financial breakthrough. Without the right reference resources, financial tools and education, you can easily get trapped in debts, whether it is from banks or alternative lenders. So as you take the steps to help achieve your financial goals, GadCapital is ready and willing to assist you along the way.

Get in touch with us through our phone number (800) 961-5909 or submit your online application!

Anyone can apply

What makes GadCapital different is that we offer anyone a title loan to meet their financial needs. Unlike other lenders, we work with car owners with a good credit score and those with poor credit as well. To us, it doesn’t matter whether you have a good credit score or not. Provided you have equity in your vehicle, just know that you have qualified for our title loans. This is actually the reason why we are known to be one of the best title loan providers in the country.

 Apply today and have the money in your pocket within hours


You can also contact us at (800) 961-5909 and our customer service team will answer any questions you may have. If you prefer face to face communication, you can visit any of our branches. Get the financial stress out of your life by applying for our title loans!

We put our clients first

GadCapital cares about their clients’ well-being and we understand how stressing it can be when you need money fast. We know that emergencies always happen and this is why keep pout applications as fast and easy as possible. Excellent customer care is one of our priorities so you can trust us to take care of your needs.

Transparent terms and condition

Some lenders can say one thing in their contract but when it comes to action, things become completely different. With us, we will ensure that you go through and understand the terms and conditions of our title loans before signing the dotted lines. We ensure that you know what you are getting into before we approve your loan.

Easy fast and accessible

The application process and approval can take less than fifteen minutes. Thanks to our fast and super easy applications, you can get the funds you need right on time. You don’t have to deal with excessive paperwork. And the best part of it is that you can apply online!

Why choose GadCapital?

Bad credit ok

Your past financial history does not matter to us. You can qualify for our title loans even when you have poor credit.

Continue using your vehicle

Even after we have approved your loan, you can still use your car to go to work, take your family for an adventure or any other need.

No upfront charges

Regardless of the loan amount you need, we will never ask for money upfront. It is only the scammers in the industry who have such requirements.

Flexible lending

With our different funding sources, you can easily get the loan amount you require.


With decades of offering title loans to our clients, we always understand your situation and can help you get the money you need fast.

Multiple locations

Our company has more than 300 locations all over the country. And we are still growing fast. If you need instant funding, it is easy to apply online or visit our nearby office for help.