Payday Loan Consolidation

Payday Loan Consolidation – A Beginner’s Ultimate Guide

Are you currently dealing with the collection calls from payday loan lenders every day? Have you heard that there is such a thing as payday loan consolidation? If not, this blog post will guide you throughout the process and how GADCapital can help you be debt free.

What is a Payday Loan Consolidation?

Payday loan consolidation is the process where a consolidator gets in touch with the lending companies (and independent payday loan lenders) to help negotiate a client’s outstanding loans and credit card debts to lessen the balance.

A payday loan consolidation program is a type of financial service. The payday loan consolidation program of GADCapital is the best way to improve your financial situation and regain your credit scores.

This financial program involves giving the client a monthly payment plan that best fits their payday salary. With this process, the payday loan debt consolidation company will assign a consolidator to you.

In line with this, a consolidator (also called as a debt negotiator and/or debtor) will do the debt settlement for you. The consolidator will be the one to pay off your multiple payday loans and credit card debts for you. The debtor will require you to open a separate account, and all you need to do is to fund it for consolidation purposes.

What will be my Monthly Payment Plan with a Consolidation Service?

Your new monthly payment plan will be based on the following factors below:

  • The total amount of a client’s debts
  • How many payday loan lenders are willing to lessen the interest rates and annual percentage rates (APRs)
  • Number of outstanding payday loans and credit card debts that the client has
  • The client’s financial capacity – How much the client can pay for the debt consolidation loan; the amount of money funded in the separate account (for consolidation purposes only)

Given the following pointers, the main purpose of our payday loan consolidation program is to settle your debts. Here on GADCapital, we have a network of reputable consolidating companies. Our job is to connect you to a reputable payday loan debt consolidation company who will do all the work for you. The chosen company for you will combine your several payday loan payments to an all-in-one monthly payment plan.

When you choose to consolidate payday loans and credit card debts with GADCapital, you will no longer answer collection calls from payday loan lenders every month. We will do all the debt settlement for you!

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Payday Loan Consolidation Program?

Typically, the process of payday loan debt consolidation programs takes anywhere from 6 up to 18 months. The timeline solely depends on the following factors below:

  • The total amount of payday loan and credit card debts
  • How much of a monthly payment plan you can afford
  • How successful your consolidator is in negotiating debt settlement with your payday loan lenders
  • Number of payday loan lenders that your consolidator deals with
  • Number of financial institutions that you have a debt with

Here on GADCapital, we assure you that will get rid of the daily collection calls from payday loan lenders. Thus, eliminating payday loans and credit card debts as quickly as possible.

If you are interested to hear more about how our payday loan consolidation program can change your financial situation, simply call GADCapital for a free consultation. We also offer free credit counseling for all our clients!

What is a Debt Consolidation Loan?

A debt consolidation loan is a type of debt refinancing service that allows borrowers to repay outstanding loan and credit card debts.

With that being said, debt consolidation loans are exclusively used for the personal finance that addresses a huge amount of debt of a certain client.

How to Qualify for a Payday Loan Consolidation Program?

Here on GADCapital, our job is to make it fast and convenient for you to get the debt relief services that you need today.

Having said that, the entire loan request application process is done online. We only require our clients like you to submit the following below to qualify for our debt consolidation programs:

GADCapital Requirements for Debt Consolidation Programs
Borrower’s basic profile information Just fill up our application form above!
Valid IDs (identification) A clear photocopy of 1-2 government-issued valid IDs
Citizenship Must be an American Citizen (whether by native-born, nationality, naturalization, etc.)
Proof of billing statement/s Must submit proof of billing statement/s (electric bill, water bill, internet bill) showing the permanent and/or present address in the U.S.A. If a loan applicant still lives under your parents’ roof or you still don’t have proof of billing statements under your name, that is not a problem here on GADCapital. As long as you prove that the person’s name stated on the billing statement is related to you by blood (for instance, your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, etc.) we will accept it. If not (say, you are living with your stepmother or stepfather, etc), you must prove that you truly live under the same roof with the person named on the billing statement. With that being said, simply submit a letter of authorization with signature coming from the person named on the billing statement.
Age Loan applicants must be at least 18 years old (legal age in the U.S.A. to qualify)
Accounts under your name Bank accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, debit cards, etc. under the loan applicant’s name. NOTE: Using another person’s account (even if the person is related to you by blood) is strictly not allowed here on GADCapital
Proof of employment Loan applicants must submit a clear photocopy of an employment verification letter and/or certificate of employment (COE). With that being said, proving that you have a regular job is one of the most important qualifications when applying in a payday loan debt consolidation company. Simply put, how can you fund our debt consolidation programs if you do not have a sustainable job?
Proof of income documents A clear photocopy of your most up-to-date pay stub or pay slip from your company (preferably 3 months worth of salary). If a loan applicant works at home (online job, remote and/or home based position), you must download and submit the transactions history and/or statement from the payment platform (such as PayPal, Upwork, etc.) where you receive your salary (preferably 3 paydays).

Unlike other debt consolidation programs, GADCapital does not require loan applicants to submit complicated requirements (such as a clear photocopy of DTI and SEC-registered documents and BIR Income Tax Return files) just to receive approval for our debt consolidation loans.

Here on GADCapital, our requirements and qualifications are basic. In addition to that, the entire process is done while sitting in front of your computer and in just a few clicks you can get the debt relief services that you need today!

How to Qualify even with Bad Credit Scores?

For loan applicants with bad personal credit scores? Fret not, as a matter of fact, people with bad credit scores can STILL qualify for our payday loan consolidation programs here on GADCapital.

A personal credit score (also known as a credit score) is a numerical expression that is based on the level of analysis of a person’s credit statements. It is a score that represents the creditworthiness of a person.

In line with this, a person’s credit worth refers to the risk of lending and granting loans, credit cards, mortgages, among others, to a client/borrower.

In simpler terms, credit scores determine the level of risk of a person to pay his payday loans and credit card debts on-time (or the other way around).

With that being said, payday loan lenders from various lending companies and credit card companies take a look at a client’s credit history to check his credit scores. This will help them determine if a client/applicant is creditworthy to grant unsecured loans or not.

Here on GADCapital, we accept loan applicants regardless of their personal credit scores (may it be poor, bad, and whatnot, we are here to help!). That is because of our commitment is to help hard-working Americans live a debt-free life and not to make your financial situation get worse.

Some of the basic requirements (see previous table above) are also mandatory.  In addition to that, below is the table of requirements for applicants with bad personal credit scores:

Requirements and Qualifications for Applicants with  Bad Credit Scores
Credit history report Certified true copy and/or a clear photocopy of the borrower’s credit history report to check the credit score. You can request for a copy of your credit score for free at your local state government. You can also request to get a copy of your credit score at the credit bureau and/or union; or at the major credit reporting companies in the U.S.A. These companies are the Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, among others (fees vary).
Debt limits and/or debt ceiling To qualify for GADCapital’s debt consolidation loans, a loan applicant must owe more than $7,500.00 USD unsecured loans; this includes but not limited to personal loans, payday loans, credit card debts, cash advances, and the like. The loan applicant’s unsecured loans must approximately be 3 months behind the maturity date (due date of the loan).
Financial situation Here on GADCapital, we prioritize loan applicants who are currently at rock bottom in their current financial situation. This includes but not limited to emergencies and other expenses that their remaining salary cannot sustain. To determine your financial situation, we perform a soft credit check on all our applicants.

How to Qualify even with a Bad Credit History?

Most of the time, loan applicants with a bad credit history report do not qualify for debt consolidation loans. But that is not the case when you choose to trust us. Here on GADCapital, we welcome applicants no matter how poor their credit history report is!

That is because we know how difficult it is for you to find a payday loan debt consolidation company to accept you (whether online or on-site).

A credit report refers to the detailed report of a person’s credit history. This is recorded and prepared by the credit union or credit bureau.

In line with this, a credit union and/or credit bureau collects the information and create credit history report that is based on a person’s credit statements (no more, no less).

Credit history reports are checked by lending companies and consolidating companies (and other banking and financial institutions). The said companies check these reports to determine whether the loan applicants are worthy to grant debt settlement assistance or not.

Some of the basic requirements (revert to the first table above) are also mandatory. Nevertheless, below is a table of the requirements and qualifications for people with a bad credit history report

Requirements and Qualifications for Applicants with a Bad Credit History Report
Credit history report A certified true copy and/or a clear photocopy of the loan applicant’s credit history report. You can simply request for your credit history report in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on-site. You can also get it online, visit their official website to know how.
Credit cards statements As per the debt relief services, your debt negotiator and/or consolidator will request you to submit a clear photocopy statement of your credit cards to come up with the best monthly payment plan for you. Some consolidation services require loan applicants to yield their credit cards as a part of the payday loan consolidation program. This way, we teach you how to limit, lessen, and possibly prevent using credit cards.

Here on GADCapital, we accept loan applicants with bad credit history reports. Aside from that, we offer absolutely free credit counseling (no hidden provisions guaranteed!) to help you come up with a debt settlement plan.

Why Choose GADCapital for your Consolidation Service?

GADCapital is a financial referral service company that is connected to the most reputable debt consolidation programs, lending companies, and independent payday loan lenders.

In addition to that, listed below are a few reasons why you must choose to trust us with your consolidation service:

GADCapital lenders are BBB Accredited!

GADCapital is proudly and officially a legitimate company, we are BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited. We are not scammers, we do not scam people. We help people improve their financial situation and get the debt relief services that they need the most ASAP.

When a certain business and/or company in the U.S.A. and Canada is enlisted on the Better Business Bureau, it means it has passed the accreditation standards. The accreditation standards are as follows:

  • Good faith to the clientele
  • Excellent effort to solve all the customer complaints
  • Excellent effort to cater to the needs and requests of the clientele
  • Excellent effort to answer all the clients’ queries, concerns, etc.

Having a BBB accreditation means GADCapital has an unwavering commitment to give excellent customer service and good faith to our clientele. This includes a proven track record of solving customer complaints and prioritizing each and every client’s requests.

In short, GADCapital is a LEGAL company. We are not scammers, we do not scam people. As a matter of fact, we help people improve their current financial situation and regain their credit scores as convenient as it can get.

With that said, there is definitely no reason for you to think twice if we are legitimate. You can check GADCapital on the official website of the Better Business Bureau ( to see it for yourself.

If you haven’t heard of this kind of accreditation, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private and non-profit organization in the U.S.A, Canada, and Mexico. The BBB focuses on upholding the marketplace trust and safety of different types of businesses and companies.

If you are still having doubts about us, please don’t hesitate to call us to know more about our financial referral company.

Quick Application Process and Access Guaranteed

We know how annoying and unbearable collection calls from lending and credit card companies can get.

Most of the time, these debts come from credit cards and unsecured loans. With these type of loans, a borrower is always expected to repay on their next paycheck. These are short-term loans which require you to pay for the whole lump of cash at a one-time payment plan. We know how difficult it is to repay all the debts that you have right now.

While such loans can be lifesavers up to a certain extent, it can ruin your life too. But don’t worry, GADCapital is here to save you, we have debt consolidation loans. We make the loan application process quick so you can quickly access our debt relief services ONLINE.

We Offer the Lowest Rates!

Typically, loans come with high rates (interest rates and annual percentage rates). Interest rates are even higher with loans such as payday loans. These loans typically have annual percentage rates (APRs) that are ranging between 25%-45%. This translates to between 20%-38% of the total amount of the loan.

Some borrowers dread the inability to repay a loan on the time of the maturity date (due date) to hefty interest rates. With that being said, choosing GADCapital for your debt consolidation loans keep you out of such a financial situation.

There is no need for you to worry, GADCapital is here to save you from debt with our debt consolidation loans. Our consolidation service comes with low-interest rates and annual percentage rates. Simply do the math and we guarantee you that GADCapital works for you and not against you.

GADCapital is Secured by RapidSSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the protocol that gives a website data encryption. An SSL provides a highly secure and encrypted communication between the internet browser (such as Mozilla Firefox) and a website such as GADCapital.

Most of the time, if a website URL starts with an HTTP, it is most likely a phishing site. Websites with that URL are scammers that steal a person’s sensitive information. Having said that, the people behind the website might use your information against the law. So be aware and take a look if a site starts with HTTPS or not!

Given that intention, the GADCapital website is secured by RapidSSL to protect the data and information of our clientele from (that are in plain text and non-encrypted format) the following dangers on the world wide web (WWW):

  • Protect data and information from being stolen by hackers
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  • And a whole lot more dangers on the World Wide Web!

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, when you choose GADCapital, there is no need for you to worry about answering the neverending collection calls of your payday loan lenders.

We make our payday loan consolidation program as fast and convenient as possible. We offer a wide selection of debt relief services such as debt consolidation programs, debt consolidation loans, and a whole lot more!

With the help of GADCapital, we strongly guarantee that your life will get back to normal. Say goodbye to the daily collection calls, spam emails, snail mails from payday loan lenders demanding for you to pay (and some even threatening to sue you!).

With that being said, our job is to connect you to a reputable payday loan debt consolidation company. The consolidating company will offer you debt relief services whatever your current financial situation is.

Simply fill up our application form (see the Start Here form). Please feel free to call us today for more inquiries about our debt relief services. Our customer support is here to answer all your queries, requests, and even complaints 24/7.