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Cash Advances And Online Payday Loans

There are several lenders out there that offer short-term cash advances that usually come in handy for those people with bad credit. Online cash advance refers to short-term loans with no security down. These are normally used as a financial bridge whenever you run short on funds and they are supposed to be repaid on your next payday or by the end of the month.  Once your application for a cash advance has been approved, you can get the money as soon as the next business day. In order to apply for a cash advance, you will only be required to fill an online cash advance form after which you will be advised on how much you can be approved. The process is very fast and you are assured to get instant answers during the application process.

What amount can I be approved for?

At Gadcapital, you are allowed to request for any amount ranging from $100 to $1000. The application is usually done online and you should request for an amount you are sure that can be repaid on your next payday. Early repayment will also help you in reducing the interest rate that might increase as a result of late payment.

Do you perform credit checks on your payday loans?

Once your payday loan has been approved, Gadcapital will perform a soft credit check which entails looking at some basic information that includes your income, address, and if you have any previous defaults. This is contrary to hard credit checks that are usually performed by banks; hence in the long run affecting your credit score. Therefore, you can be sure that the soft credit check will not affect your credit score in any way. Read here more about guaranteed approval for bad credit loans.

How long it takes to process your online payday loan

Since online payday loan applications are mostly automated, everything is usually done instantly; hence it takes the lenders a very short time to decide whether to lend you or not. The first step of application is the request. After your request has been approved, then the next step is to process your payment. The speed at which the whole process is completed depends on various factors including the lender’s staff efficiency and also the bank you have nominated for your online loan. Normally, the approved cash can be deposited in your account on the same day if applied by noon.

To be eligible for an online payday loan, then you should make sure that you have an email address, a bank account, and also you must have lived at your current residence for at least the past three months.

In cases where you feel that you are not able to pay back the loan on the agreed date, then the first thing you should do is to contact your lender so as to find out how much it will cost you in terms of the rollover fees. This way, the lender may be able to find ways of working with you and as a result, come up with a new repayment plan. It is normal for borrowers to extend their cash advances; hence you should not panic should you find yourself in such a situation. Your lender will most likely understand the situation and assist you to navigate through it.

End Time for Online Loans 

For payday loans that are submitted by noon during weekdays, they can have their fund deposited on the same day business day. On the other hand, for those submitted afternoons during weekdays, the funds are likely to be deposited on the following business day. In case you submit your application during the weekend, then you should expect the funds to be deposited on the following Monday. Similarly, for applications submitted during bank holidays, the cash will be deposited on the following working day. Kindly note that these are estimated time frames and they are not 100% accurate as they might vary from one lender to another.

Do you offer Long-Term Payday Loans?

At Gadcapital, we also do offer long-term payday loans that usually come with longer payment terms as compared to normal payday loans. However, these loans are meant for people who need higher ticket items. The interest rates for long-term payday loans are usually lower in comparison with short term payday loans.

Will the approved cash be deposited directly into my bank account?

Yes, the cash will be sent directly to your bank account without any intermediaries; hence the reason why it is required you provide your bank details during the application process.

Do you have any conditions on what I should use the approved loan for?

There are no specific guidelines on what you should use the online payday loan for. You can use it for anything. However, keep in mind that the money is to be returned at the particular date agreed together with the interest accrued. Therefore, it is advisable to only use payday loans whenever you have a financial emergency such as car repair and medical expenses. Do not take a payday loan in order to cater for general consumption or a night out.

Is it possible to acquire an online loan from 2 different lenders?

It is possible to take loans from several lenders at the same time only if you have a history of paying back the loans. However, it is highly advisable to avoid taking multiple loans unless it is the last option you have. Always remember that these short term loans are only meant for taking care of short-term financial emergencies.

Will I be arrested if I fail to repay my online loan?

You will not be arrested if you are unable to repay your online loan since the US constitution is meant to protect its citizens against being jailed as a result of debts. However, you should make sure to repay your loans as failure to do so might lead to a lot of civil actions being taken against you. This means that you will also have to deal with debt collectors coming for you and a lot of misery that tends to come with the failure of repaying your loans.

Will a payday lender take me to court?

It is possible for a payday lender to take you to court. However, most of them are reluctant to follow this path due to the cost involved. Their decision will be based on factors like your ability to repay the loan and also the outstanding balance owed to them. Therefore, you might end up being taken to court depending on the situation at hand.

By not repaying my payday loan, am I committing a felony?

Failure to repay your loan is a civil matter and it will be dealt as such. However, it will be considered as a felony in case the loan was obtained fraudulently and in a criminal way. If you have multiple payday loans you should consider getting help for your debts.

Are online payday loans legitimate?

You can rest assured that Gadcapital are legitimate lenders. You should also keep in mind that each state has its own rules and regulations to be followed for a lender to be licensed in them. Therefore, the terms and conditions might vary from state to state.

Is it safe to apply for an online payday loan?

At Gadcapital we do have encrypted loan software that is completely safe; hence you can rest assured that your data is protected from end to end.

Is it possible to get an online payday loan without an online bank account?

In the past, you could only qualify for a payday loan with a checking account. This is because this was the most convenient and easiest way of sending and receiving money. However, you currently still are required to own a savings account for you to get a loan. Currently, without a bank account, it will be very hard for a lender to give you cash unless they are a pawnbroker or a bank.

How can I get a payday loan near me?

If you are looking for a payday loan near your place, then do not look any further as Gadcapital is here to assist you with your financial needs whenever you are faced with a financial emergency since we are located in most states. Our online application process is very easy and quick; hence making it very efficient for you to get some cash that can be used to address your emergencies.

Final note

It is important to note that payday loans are meant for emergency purposes and they should always be treated as so. Therefore, for you to ensure that you do not plunge yourself in a debt cycle, it is advisable to avoid taking payday loans to be used for taking care of non-essential issues. Also, before settling for a lender of your choice, make sure that you come up with a list of lenders to compare their terms and conditions so as to come up with one that is likely to be efficient and affordable for you.