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Installment Loans Vs. Payday Loans: Know Before You Owe

You might be contemplating installment loans or payday loans. There are a lot of different examples of secured or unsecured debt when it comes to installment loans.

No matter what your credit score is,  there are many alternatives to get money. You could seek out relatives, friends,  credit cards, or even your financial institution based on your personal situation.

All of your questions about installment loans will be answered here, and we’re able to help decide which loan option is the best one for you.

Payday loans and installment loans are two different things

An installment loan can be described as a kind of loan that you pay back over a specific period of time with regular and fixed installments.

Financial companies, like credit unions, banks, and lenders who are online-only offer installment loans. Student loans, auto loans, personal loans, and mortgages are additional types of installment loans used for a specific purpose.

Common characteristics of installment loans

  • The loan money is placed in your bank account as a lump sum amount.
  • If you have set regular payments, you could receive installments that are only the interest or even payments that comprise principal repayment, plus an amount of the total loan amount.
  • If your loan is cleared, the account will be shut down.

Secured vs. unsecured installment loans

To contrast and compare the various kinds that are installment loans, there are two main options to pick from. If you are looking at both secured and unsecured installment loans, it’s crucial to understand the major differences between them.

Secured installment loans

For secured loans, you have to offer collateral before getting money. This can be in the form of a house, car, or any other valuable asset.

Examples of secured installment loans are auto loans, where you utilize your car as collateral, and a pawnshop can use the items you own as collateral for the pawn loan.

The lenders may be able to confiscate collateral if you’re behind on your payments. In general, secured loans have lower rates of interest and are much easier to get. If you fail to pay the loan, you can lose the property that you pledged as collateral.

Unsecured loans

There is no need for collateral in order to obtain an unsecured loan, such as personal loans or student loans. If you fail to pay your loan on time, your credit score or other costs may be damaged. Lenders are typically not able to acquire your personal possessions since they don’t have collateral

The qualification requirements for an installment loan

Installment loans are usually credit-based, which means that your capacity to get the loan, as well the fees you pay and terms, are dependent on a number of factors, such as your income, debts and credit score, credit history, and many other factors.

What is the cost of borrowing an installment loan?

For personal loans with no collateral, the APR for people with low credit scores can be as lower as 3% to 6 percent, while for people with high credit history, the rate could be up to 36 percent.

Loan providers that focus on servicing customers with no or little credit history might require borrowers to prove that they are able to get installment loans.

The origination fee could be calculated as some percentage of the amount of the loan. If you fail to make an early payment for an installment loan, you’ll have to pay the penalty for prepayment.

What is a payday loan, and how does it function?

There is no definitive term for a payday loan. However, they typically are low-interest, short-term loans. Payday loans are available in amounts of $500 or less, depending on your state.

Are fixed-rate payday loans safer? Or do they fluctuate in cost?

One of the most important features of a payday loan is that it is designed to be paid in a single lump sum, thereby preventing an interest charge from fluctuating.

In reality, instead of having a predetermined rate, payday loans usually charge an unrestricted fee that ranges from $10-$30 for each $100 borrowed.

Some states allow lenders to offer different repayment terms, allowing the borrower to pay back their loans in multiple installments. However, there are other states that allow for only one-time repayment.

In the end, many people pay back to payday lenders on the next payday, which is the reason these loans are often referred to by the name “payday loans.”

In most cases, the loan will be paid in between two and four weeks. You can make use of the post-dated check to pay back the loan and pay any charges. You can also authorize your lender to remove electronic cash from your checking or prepaid card.

How to get a payday loan

If you want to get a cash advance generally, there are no credit checks required. However, in order to be considered for the loan, you must meet additional requirements, which include:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Along with presenting proof of income, you should provide valid proof of identification.
  • A checking account that is also necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

Are payday loans worth considering?

Payday loans are a great option because you’re making a debt that is not a securitized one. You can easily apply and qualify for cash even without collateral.

Is collateral required for payday loans?

Not at all. There is no need for collateral to obtain payday loans. Only loans that are collateralized require security.

Can payday loans be structured as installments?

There isn’t a Revolving credit line available through payday loans. If you’re able to make repayments to a credit line and then reborrow, you are able to get a loan of up to a certain amount and pay it back, and then borrow more.

A payday loan comes with an amount limit that is higher than you are able to borrow. Any additional loans require approval.

In essence the situation, payday loans differ from installment loans in that they typically are repaid in one lump amount instead of being spread in a series of installments.


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