Budgeting Methods

Budgeting Methods A recent survey shows that only 47 percent of Americans utilize budgeting methods to track their spending. As the main tool used to aid in financial planning, budgeting methods can be ab aid you in reaching your financial goals. Creating a good budget allows you to have full control of your finances.  Five […]

Building Credit FAQs

Building Credit FAQs Building Credit can be a bit confusing. We’re taught that credit is crucial, and being able to have “good” credit is crucial to financial stability. Yet, for all the information available, Americans have over $13 trillion of different kinds of loans as well as credit-debit card balances. Let’s review the fundamentals. What […]

What to Do When You’re Behind on Bills

How To Get ahead When You Are Behind On Bills If you find yourself in a situation where you are facing late fees and other penalties because you’re already behind on your bills, there are some tips for managing the cash flow that will help you get out of debt sooner. Sometimes things happen that […]

Credit Versus Debit Meaning

Credit versus Debit: What is The Difference Credit versus Debit, If you purchase a product or service debit card, cash for the purchase is taken out of your checking account. If you purchase using credit cards, the purchase is transferred to your credit line which means that you’ll pay for the charge at a later […]

What Is The Best Way To Borrow Money

Best Way to Borrow Money Fast? Using your emergency savings to pay for unforeseen costs is generally less expensive than borrowing money but will still be the best way. When life throws you a curveball, you may need to rely on other resources to get funds for emergencies. Keep in mind that not all borrowing […]

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