Fast Cash Loans

Fast Cash Loans

Fast Cash Loans

At some point in life, you may be in need of some quick cash to sort out an urgent financial obligation. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to request for fast cash loans from willing direct lenders. We have a wide network of lenders with huge array packages for different financial urgencies.

Traditional lenders have changed their lending rules to be more strict and selective. Therefore, not so many people can qualify. Their major requirement is good credit score, which most people do not have.

These lenders would also want you to state your intended use of the loan. However, the lenders we will link you to have very basic requirements. Even if you have a poor credit score, they are ready to review your request and give you an appropriate loan.

With quick loans, you are in a better position to manage a financial emergency.

Advantages of Quick Loans

  • Advantages of Quick Loans

    Advantages of Quick Loans

    It is easy and convenient to request and gets your loan approved by lenders. Actually, you can request for a loan and have it sent to your bank as soon as your lender approves it. The speed is geared towards ensuring that you sort out your financial crisis as fast as possible.


  • You can request the credit in the comfort of your home or office by filling out simple online forms. Lenders require you to fill out your basic information on an online form which you then submit and wait for it to be reviewed. The major requires that you need is proof of income. We will connect you with lenders who are most concerned about your income status. They want to be certain that you are capable of repaying the loan.


  • These loans are given for a short period. The main objective is to help you solve your financial problems in the short term. It is not meant for you to use them as a long-term solution to your problem.


  • quick loan is a recipe for more debt

    the quick loan is a recipe for more debt

    Most people shy away because they think that taking a quick loan is a recipe for more debt. Even if you are about to default a particular installment, lenders in our network have different plans for such cases. You can get an extension. Lenders, we connect you with work to ensure that you improve your credit status.


  • You have a higher chance of acquiring a loan from lenders compared to other financial institutions. This is because fast cash loans are readily available though in small amounts for a short period. Lenders partnering with us have put all the related risks into consideration. This means that they are providing loan services to a wider audience.


  • Usually, lenders will set out terms and conditions to you prior to your sign up. They do this for you to understand and to make appropriate choices. The most important terms are those of defaulting, interest, loan amount, loan duration, and fees. With us, you will find lenders who are willing to give you all the necessary information you need.


  • You have the liberty to choose from an extensive network of lenders. You can freely make your comparisons of terms and only settle for a most suitable term. We are here to ensure you have a stable and productive financial relationship with our lenders. Ensure that you fill out your details as accurately as possible. This will help you get a loan that satisfies your need.

Important Things to Consider

  • Important Things to Consider

    Important Things to Consider

    It is important to be in constant communication with your lender during your loan period. You will be getting reminders in different ways depending on your preference.

  • Check out loan regulations within your state. Each state has its own rules, especially for such lending activities. For example, they have regulations on the interest rates that lenders are supposed to place. We will connect you with lenders who understand different state regulations and will work in your interest.
  • Ensure you have a mutual repayment plan with your lender. This is because there are times you may be in a defaulting position. It is recommended that you inform your lender about this. When you do this, you are most likely going to get an alternative plan that will keep you financially afloat.

Be Ready For a Soft Credit Check

  1. Be Ready For a Soft Credit Check

    Be Ready For a Soft Credit Check

    When you choose a loan from traditional lenders like a bank, you have to be ready for very thorough scrutiny. For lenders of fast cash loans, you are only subject to a simple or no credit check. The main aim of the lenders is to check whether you are capable of paying them. If your check proves that you can pay, then you are likely to receive your requested loan.

  2. Lenders working with us are focused on creating a healthy business relationship with you. Your timely payment will help you build your financial profile. In addition, every transaction you will be conducting will be strictly between you and your lender only.

If you have any financial emergency, consider fast cash loans. You will not need any form of collateral. Even though you may be charged a slightly higher interest, it is worth it.

Many lenders in our network have recurring repayment plans. These plans involve the deductions of a particular amount from your bank account on a regular basis. Therefore, when filling out your bank details, ensure that you give accurate numbers.

Remember that these lenders are operating a loan business and any charges will be business related. The good part with choosing such lenders is that you are not going to have to face your relative or friend for a loan. With lenders, you are not susceptible to any emotional situations. Borrowing from a close family member can be challenging. If you fail to pay as agreed, it could cause complications. However, if you choose fast cash loans from lenders we connect you with, you will not worry about any complications. If you default, the worst case can be that you pay an additional fee. This is easier than fixing a broken relationship.

When you require cash on a short notice, these loans will always be readily available. One of the common financial emergencies is a medical bill. You never know when you will need to pay a medical bill. It can be at a time when you do not have any money in your pocket. You can also not miss the payment as it will negatively impact on your credit profile. Therefore, quick loans can be a great help when you need them. Regardless of what you want to do with the cash, we partner with lenders who are willing to give you a loan to fulfill your specific needs.  

10 things you need to know before consolidating a payday loan

1. Quick Access


We all know how annoying and unbearable debts can be. You realize that it’s hard to repay all the debts that you have. One type of debt is payday loans. You are expected to repay a payday loan when your next paycheck comes your way. It’s a short-term loan which requires you to pay the whole lump of cash all at once. Reason for taking up such a loan could range from being broke in the middle of the month before the next payday or due to an unexpected financial emergency. While loans could be life savers up to a certain extent, it could ruin your life too.

2. Payday cycle


Take help of a debt consolidation plan

Take help of a debt consolidation plan

So you may be wondering, how one actually gets into a big debt crisis, so big that it would need payday loan consolidation. For instance, you may take up a small payday loan, hoping that you will be able to repay it immediately once you get your next paycheck. Suddenly, an emergency hit. Perhaps you also need to pay your kids’ school fees, or have a medical bill which your insurance does not cover. So you take up another payday loan. Both loans are expected to be paid back when you get your next paycheck.

However, you realize that you cannot afford to repay both. Thus, you roll over the loans. Rolling over typically gives you a little more time to repay with paycheck you get the following month. However, there is a catch. The interest rate for the rollover amount will increase and so will the fees you have to pay. Subsequently, your debt increases. You are stuck with the lender and having to repay large sums of money. Due to the roll over, you can’t keep up with the loan payment. The increasing amount of debt is about to stifle you.

Lenders love this situation. You need to get out of this situation with the help of a debt consolidation plan. Hence, you should consolidate payday loans and use that to your advantage.

3.  Outline your financial goals


To get out of the debt, you first have to know your financial goals. You have to plan where you want to be, where you are currently and how you want to get to your target. You should sit down and analyze your financial situation carefully.You to look at all your income sources, then compare them to what owe your lenders. Doing this math will help you establish your financial status.

4. Consolidation




Having established your financial situation, it’s time to start thinking about the solutions. Typically, you want to get out of debt as soon as possible. Payday loan consolidation is one of the best ways to get out of recurring debts and increasing interest rates. However, it is important to be specific about what you actually want. There are 3 main types of debt consolidation companies.

1. Debt consolidation companies: they give you a loan to pay up all your debts and then you repay them slowly.

2. Debt management: these act as third parties who try to re-negotiate the interest rates that you are paying for your current debt.

3. Debt settlement: they are also third parties, but they negotiate to lower the principal balance of your debt.

This means that you have to be very precise with the type of plan you want.

 5. Research


Having decided the type of consolidation plan you want to embark on, you need to look at specific consolidation companies. It is always advisable to allow yourself as many options as possible. You could decide to pay them a visit and try to get all the details on the type of consolidation plans they offer. By giving yourself enough options, you have flexibility.

6. Review


countercheck the credibility of the company

counter check the credibility of the company

You mostly want to rely on the companies that care nonprofits. You have to look at what actually fits your current financial situation and can help you out of the payday loan debt trap. Nonprofits are the most suitable companies, mostly because they are not after making money from borrowers. Whatever awesome adverts you may have seen, remember that what you see may not be what you get. Thus, it is always important to countercheck with financial authorities to confirm the credibility of the company you are interested to work with.

7. Interest rates


The annual percentage rate of the payday loans is about 300%. This means that the interest rates are quite high. While deciding on consolidating your payday loans, you have to look at the interest rates of every consolidation company. See if it fits your financial goals. The lower the rate, the better. Go through all the options you have until you find the best one.

8. Fees


lower the fees, more advantageous it is for you

lower the fees, more advantageous it is for you

It is important to look at the fees that come together with the consolidation loan you choose. You could be talking about fees that are incredibly high, so you need to look for the lowest fees among your choices. The purpose of the consolidation loan is to let you improve your financial situation while you pay off your consolidation loan. Thus the lower the fees, the more advantageous it is for you.

9. Terms and conditions


A consolidation loan definitely comes with a contract. Signing it will let you be bound by whatever terms which are stipulated in the contract. The terms include things like the time of repayment, the interest rates, and the penalties if you don’t pay up. You have to look for terms that are as flexible as possible. Also, you have to negotiate for breathing space, for if you leave the whole responsibility to the lender, he may decide to suffocate you as you try to look for a way out of the debt situation. This could leave you in worse situations that you were initially.

10. Doing the math


The most important thing is simple to keep up with the numbers. For a good loan solution, you have to weigh the possibilities and make a sound financial decision. It’s all about knowing your numbers and taking them into consideration before making any Payday Loan debt consolidation decision.

How to save money with loan consolidation

Debt is not new topic for most people. It has helped some people through difficult times. However, debts have also trapped some people in a vicious cycle. Debts should be managed carefully. They are headaches to deal with and it is worse if you have more than one debt to repay.

Debts come in all forms, from car title loans, payday loans, student loans, credit card loans, cash advances and the list goes on. All In all these have to be paid back in full. This is where problems happen. With the high interest rates on these types of loans, you will be spending a lot of money on loan repayment.  

With debt consolidation loans, you have a chance to reduce the amount of money paid. Consolidated loans work in such a way that the lender grants you a loan to repay all the debts that you may have, then you are left to slowly repaying that loan back slowly.

How can loan consolidation help?


  1.     Lower interest rates
How can loan consolidation help?

How can loan consolidation help?

Typical loans have quite high interest rates. Interest rates are even higher in loans such as  payday loans and car title loans. These loans typically have annual percentage rates ranging from between 250%-450%. This translates to between 20% and 38% of the loan amount. If you have more than one loan with such high interest rates, you are definitely going to feel the pressure.
Loan consolidation could help to solve these issues. It gives you the chance to get out of all these debts, and gives you a reasonable interest rate that matches your monthly income. In doing so, you save a lot of money on interest rate.

Every borrower dreads the inability to repay a loan due to rising interest rates. A consolidation plan keeps you out of such situations. All it requires from you is to do the math and make sure that the consolidation plan works for you and not against you.

  1.     Roll overs and payday cycle
 the ultimate way out of debt

the ultimate way out of debt

Assuming you took two or more payday loans. Now you know that when it come to payday loans, you have to make the payments in a lump sum all at once. However, you may be facing hard times and you are forced to apply for a postponement of repayment. This leads to the rollover situation which involves pushing the repayments to the next month. The lender may also subsequently review your interest rates and add other fees and penalties. If roll overs are done frequently, your debt grows and you may fall into a payday cycle scenario which you have to keep coughing up money every month to servicing loans that seem never ending. This is where you need to consolidate loans

For this reason, consolidation loans have become the ultimate way out of debt and at the same time save a large sum of money. The consolidation loan lets you clear up the debts that you have and help you avoid the lethal payday cycle. You have just a specific amount of money as to pay each month, for a specific time until you can repay back the loan.

  1.     The “good credit” factor

Financial decisions are and should always lean into the future of the individual in question. By saying this I mean you have to make a decision that ensures that your future is guaranteed to be easier that the situation you are presently. Look at it this way, you may require to take up an unsecured loan. Depending on your credit score, the interest rates will lean in that direction. If bad, then the interests will be high, but if it’s good, the interests will be lower.

Debt consolidation helps you build up a good credit score. This is because it moves you away from the numerous monthly payments that you are prone to skipping or forgetting. You now have just one monthly payment to focus on. When you follow up all repayments on time, you get to improve your credit score. This may mean you have a brighter financial future. With a good credit score, you can get a traditional bank loan with affordable interest rates. You have less to pay when it comes to loans in the future, thus saving you money. A debt consolidation loan is a great money saver for most people who know how to get the best out of it. Bad Credit Consolidation loans are also available with few lending institutions

Benefits of debt consolidation

Debts have heavy burdens for a lot of people in the recent years. Debts can range from payday loans, credit card loans, student loans and cash advance loans, among others. All of them have one thing in common – stressing you out financially and emotionally. It’s never easy to get out of debt, more so if you are juggling repayment of two or three debts. The situation is worsened by roll overs where the outstanding amount is rolled over to the following month and interest rates increase as a result.

Most people decide to look for ways out before they are crippled by their financial woes. One alternative is consolidating your payday loans. This plan involves getting a loan that covers all your debts and their interests, then repaying it back slowly.
Direct loan consolidation comes with a lot of benefits as it is a lifeline for your financial difficulties.

  1. Single payments

Single payments

Single payments

Here we are talking about the borrower getting the ability to move from numerous debt consolidation, to just one. As it is the arrangement of debt consolidation, the borrower gets a loan that covers all the debts that he may have. He repays all of them and is now left with just one single payment to take care of. The borrower now just needs to service one loan monthly, as opposed to having juggle several loans..

  1. Less stress

Debts are stressful. Debt consolidation loan helps relieve the financial stress you are having. The fact that you now only have one loan to service may relieve some of your pressure. It gives you some breathing space to get your financial situation in shape. It lets you focus your energy on other meaningful aspects of life and not just worrying about drowning in debt.

  1. Lower interest rates

Lower interest rates

Lower interest rates

Loans like payday loans, cash advances, credit cards loans all have very high interest rates. Imagine the terrible financial situation if you have more than one loan to repay. In the instance of a payday loan, it usually has an annual percentage rate of about 300-350%. This translates to about a very high 25% interest rate monthly. The stress would be unimaginable should you have to repay 2 or 3 of such loans.

Now if you have a consolidation plan for the loans, you have a huge burden taken off your shoulders. You can move from paying large sums of money monthly in interest to just one monthly payment with a lower and standardized interest rate. Repaying your debts becomes easier.  

  1. Stop collection calls

Stop collection calls

Stop collection calls

One of the worst things that could happen should you have debts is the debt collection calls from collection companies. You have debtors breathing down your neck all the time.Imagine the pressure you would be facing every time the phone rings. Living with such anxiety is unbearable. Your best option is to get out of these debts as fast as possible.

Debt consolidation can help you eliminate the number of debtors coming after you. Debt consolidation allows you to negotiate your stand and try to match it with the current financial situation that you may be in. Debt consolidation loans help you get out of debt so that you could be leading a normal, debt-free life again.

  1. Credit score

Loan consolidation can improve financial situation

Loan consolidation can improve financial situation

Many people have bad credit scores. Credit scores are badly affected by making late payments all the time. It could worsen to a point that you cannot apply for a traditional loan and get a good interest rate anymore. With nowhere to get a loan, bad credit score may push you into getting loans that are more risky than the traditional bank loan, which is akin to jumping from the frying pan into the fire. You may just plunge into worse financial situation.

Loan consolidation is a solution that could improve your dire financial situation. You get a loan that repays all the debts you had in the past. Before taking up a consolidation loan, you had so many loans to service that could lead to late repayments. With a consolidation loan, you just have one repayment to make every month. Now, if you keep up with that one repayment every time, your credit score actually improves. This could mean you could qualify for a traditional bank loan with good interest rates in the future.

Debt consolidation puts your finances in order and it makes quite a good long term financial plan.

Debt consolidation: the basics

Debt is no fun. It puts you under tremendous pressure. The cause of debt may be an individual’s  careless spending habits or unexpected expenditures such as accidents. You may decide to take up one loan after another in an attempt to solve your financial problems and that unfortunately suck you into a debt trap. So how do you get out of it?

Debt consolidation is one of the most suitable ways to get out of multiple debts. It is a form of debt refinancing that lets you take up one loan to pay up all the other loans that you may have, then repay it slowly. Basically, it requires you to calculate the total amount of money you owe all your debtors, including the interests of the debts, then taking one loan that services and clears all of them, then leaves you to just deal with one loan repayment instead of the numerous that you may have had initially.

Debt consolidation loans is one good way to help you clear multiple debts and give you a little breathing space. It could be a lifeline and save your from the following problems.

1. High interest rates


Debt consolidation, saves from high interest rates

Debt consolidation, saves from high interest rates

With debt consolidation, you save yourself from paying high interest rates. For example, you have a few debts with high interest rates. You are forced to pay a substantial amount in interest every month. Taking up a debt consolidation plan means that you combine those debts with high interest rates into one consolidation loan with a new rate that is lower. This means you can actually manage to slowly clear the debt consolidation loan. The lower interest rate of the consolidation loan helps you save a tremendous amount of money every month.

2. Late payment charges


When you have a lot of debts to service, you are prone to making late payments or could not afford to repay at all. You could find yourself getting penalized for not paying on time. Moreover, the debtors may also review your interest rate and increase them. With a debt consolidation plan, you can avoid such financially catastrophic outcomes and keep your head above water.

3. Bills confusion


Less bill confusion

Less bill confusion

With a debt consolidation loan you have less to worry about. As you have combine several debts into one consolidation loan, you only need to worry about paying up just one loan instead of having to keep track of the numerous loans you used to have. 

Debt consolidations have become very popular these days. It comes in different forms for you to choose from. The different types of debt consolidation are:

  •         Debt consolidation company
  •         Home equity loan
  •         Balance transfer option
  •         Peer-to-peer loans

Debt consolidation company


This option is the most common of them all. You will approach the consolidation company, either in person or online. You apply for the consolidation loan. After some simple checks, the debt consolidation company approves the loan and you start repaying the consolidation loan slowly.

However, you have to be careful with this option too. Look at the amount of money you normally pay for your various debts, then compare to what you would pay after taking up the consolidation loan. The latter amount should always be lesser so you can save money with the consolidation loan. Then look at the time frame the consolidation loan gives you, then calculate the amount of money you would pay in the end. You may realize that you are paying more than you actually should. It’s all about balancing the numbers to make things favorable for yourself. Some companies offer debt consolidation loans with bad credit.

Interest rates could also be predetermined by your credit score. People with a fair or bad credit score have to endure higher interest rates.

Home equity loan


Home equity loan

Home equity loan

Home equity loans are basically some of the best debt consolidation loans that allow you to repay your debts using your house as collateral. This plan lets you get about 70-80% of the value of your home. The best part is, the interest rates of home equity loans are quite low. This means that the loan is quite affordable and attractive. However, there is a twist. A home equity loan is a secured loan, meaning that if you are unable to repay back the loan, your house may be taken by the lender.

The loan is a good option only if you are sure you are able to pay up the loan eventually. If you are unsure, then this plan is just like playing Russian Roulette with your house. The attractive aspect of this loan is its low interest loans. However, you have to manage the risk of losing your house too.

Balance transfer


charge 0% interest up to a certain point

charge 0% interest up to a certain point

0% interest loans are all over the media nowadays. They charge 0% interest up to a certain point. Balance transfer is a kind of plan that gives you the ability to pay back the loan with 0% interest up to a certain period of time, between 6 months and a year. From then, you will have to start paying back the loan with interest. You first pay the initiation fee and about 2-5% of the total cash borrowed and then you get the loan.

During the period with no interest rates, you have to repay monthly on time and in full. Failure to do so will lead to the plan being cancelled and you have to pay normal interest rates. The key to this plan is the portion of the loan you have repaid before the interest rates kick in. The more you pay up before interest rates kick in, the more advantageous it is for you.

Peer-to-peer loans


The middleman company links you up with a lender who can give you the loan. The middleman company is paid for their service of getting you a lender. For the lender, he has the opportunity to make a profit out of lending you money. It also gives him the satisfaction of helping a person in need. The loan repayment period for this type of loans could range from a couple of months to about 5 years. It’s all what agreement you have with the lender. Get a debt consolidation loan calculator and get the best loan services you possibly can!